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You want the youth to feel heard, seen and recognized,
but how do you do that?

robbin castillo
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My name is Robbin, self-mastery coach and I help young people to recognize and develop their self-mastery. You see the young people flourish again and shine thanks to your organization. I introduce them to all kinds of techniques that I have been able to gather from my own journey, so that the young people continue to grow in their self-knowledge.

My most important lessons do not come from books, but from life experiences. Through my world trip I came into contact with different people and beliefs. I had the opportunity to experiment with many forms of movement and consciousness and thus developed my own vision to help the youth.

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The physical vehicle, the body, is always the entrance to literally get the young people moving again. It is the start to restore the balance between body and mind. After all, we are an all-encompassing whole: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are constantly exchanging knowledge with each other. Working with the physical body is a way to easily come into contact with the other facets of the self.

I help young people to recognize their self-mastery. All wisdom is already in them.

I help young people to recognize their self-mastery. All wisdom is already in them. I harmonize physical and spiritual processes to create a good balance. I recognize what the young people are going through and that’s why I easily level with them. They are allowed to feel at home, so that they can continue to grow from flow and trust. From their own source of wisdom, passion and happiness, their unique talents can ignite, so that they enter the adult world as autonomous individuals!

robbin castillo

Everyone can express their passion from a powerful source of self-love.

Is this you?

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Are you someone with a managerial position in a health care institution, such as mental health care, an educational institution or from the government?

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Are you open to trying new methods to motivate youth?

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Are you conscious in life and do you enjoy the little things?

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Are you open with an empathetic personality and do you have a straightforward mentality?

Then there is a good chance that we understand each other! Perhaps with my life experience, knowledge and insight I can offer a nice addition to your clients.

Physically and mentally

Where most counselors start with talking, I always start from the physical. Through a combination of different movement and meditation techniques, I help to broaden self-knowledge.

We are all unique and there is therefore no quick fix for everyone’s issues, some need more strength to stand up for themselves and others need mobility and peace of mind. I have a large palette to draw from, from intense strength training to relaxing yoga and breathing exercises to visualization techniques, exactly what is appropriate at the time.

I use the body to arrive at new insights. You can relax better after exercise. This relaxation opens the way for a good conversation and also creates space for clarity of mind, with all the associated benefits.

My gift is that I can easily level with young people and see beyond their pasted labels.

They understand that I am in the same boat, but that I am now a few steps further. In a conversation I can quickly and recognizably supplement from my own experiences.

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