As a little highly sensitive boy I was often misunderstood, both at home and at school.

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I was eager to learn and knew what I wanted, but I soon noticed that school couldn’t offer me what I needed. Pushing something in my head indiscriminately doesn’t work, but if something interests me I can spend hours on it. As a youngster I had little respect for authority and went my own way. Because I was emotionally closed, there was often a feeling of loneliness. Sport became my outlet.

Breaking allowed me to be creative and develop my own moves. I learned how to battle and showed my creations to a large audience. The freedom to create and use your body differently was a new experience. Something was allowed to arise from intuition while freestyling. In 2013 I became Dutch footwork champion. Breaking was the starting point for much more movement, both physical and spiritual.

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Investing in my passion

I participated in several intensive retreats, such as meditating for 100 hours in 10 days (vipassana). Workshops by well-known sports coaches followed, from martial arts to powerlifting. I experimented with food and I participated in 2 large theater productions (Aghori and Satyagraha). I have organized and hosted several Movement Challenge events, where we worked on different fitness challenges.

I now have 15 years of experience in the field as a workshop teacher, started as a   breaking teacher, and gradually started teaching more diverse disciplines such as: yoga, calisthenics and body awareness, with the necessary diplomas in my pocket for fitness trainer, reiki, didactics and life coaching. . 


I want to be that person now, whom I, as a young person, wished I had asked for wise advice.

Learning from your own life experience

But some things you can’t learn from books. During my travels I had unique experiences with older cultures, such as staying in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, Yoga ashram, a Rastafari community or Egyptian ceremonial grounds. I began to awaken, as it were, and wanted to learn from the great sages, enlightened masters and prophets. By comparing all that knowledge I saw the common thread and that gave me so much recognition and peace.

I now live from my passion for life. Since I got into that flow, so many beautiful things have come my way. I am responsible for my own happiness. And if I can do it, anyone can! I now want to be that person I wished I had asked for wise advice as a youngster.

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